What can I do as a medical student to advance the health care needs of underserved communities both nationally and locally?

Program Coordinator, NCAPIP

Hi Yushen, thanks for submitting an excellent question. It's really important for the next generation of physicians to be involved with their community but it can be a little bit difficult when deciding where to begin with so many different causes out there to support.

I spoke to the physician board members of NCAPIP about their experiences to get a little bit of an idea of exactly what's out there and how they got involved. From the responses that I've received I was able to take out 3 main steps that each of our board members took and that you also can take when trying to decide what kind of service you want to be involved with.

The first step is, find something that you're passionate about. You're going to experience a lot of new things in your studies as a medical student and also in the clinic so keep your eyes open. The second step is, educate yourself about the topic. It's just as important to be knowledgeable as it is to be passionate. And the third step is, take a look and see what's out there. There are a lot of really great organizations that you can offer support to, or feel free to create your own movement. You can initiate something and start your own.

So take a look back, check on our website, and check out all of the different video responses that we've recorded. I've organized them by different topics so you can kind of pick and choose and see what's out there, and if there's something that strikes a cord with you, contact us and we'll get you in touch with people who can tell you more about it. Thanks.